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Once upon a time...there was a welder. This welder found that not all welding caps were created equal. As a matter of fact most of them weren't even created, they were just made. They couldn't withstand the day to day abuse a welding cap has to endure.

Forty years ago this welder and his wife decided the only way they were insured of a quality welding cap was to make it themselves. They decided the cap had to be sewn well enough to last. It had to FIT the head comfortably. It had to be versatile! Hey and why not reversible?

So they did! They created a cap that could only be described by one word. That word...FANCY. Here are some of the attributes these caps possess:

  • Reversible
  • Custom made to fit the head
  • Low or high crowns available
  • Wild patterns or solid colors*
    *by Special Order Only
  • Designed with the welder in mind

That was over a million caps and a generation ago. Now the company has been passed down to the only daughter, KATHY, and like her parents ... she believes
Quality and Creativeness should persevere.

Today those well crafted , creative caps are sold worldwide.
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